Below we have listed some examples of the technical and aesthetical services, we provide for architects:


  • Architects will, with our assistance, experience an improved technical and aesthetic dialogue with engineers, producers and building owners.
  • Help architects to gain an insight into existing and future opportunities of white cement based products.
  • Mediate innovative networks between architects, engineers, building owners, producers and influencers in general.
  • Help architects to specify concrete applications to other parties in the building industry.
  • Help and ensure that the architect’s original idea and intended quality is not lost in the following ‘heavy’ technical stages in the value chain.
  • Create a dialogue and an understanding of the often very diverse concept of concrete quality, between architects/users on the one side and engineers/producers on the other side.
  • Seminars, lectures and training of architects, to motivate increased use of white cement and new thinking for applications.
  • Seminars, lectures and training of interdisciplinary networks of architects, engineers, influencers, agents and producers to, via networks, motivate and inspire them to develop entire segments and industries.
  • Motivate and support architects to develop and see future cement based products.
  • Motivate, plan and run workshops for architects, designers and students.