Pool Builders

Aalborg White cement is utilised by superior quality pool coating manufacturers and first class pool builders as a premium ingredient in the interior pool surface.
The use of Aalborg White cement when implemented in the final coating of the pool surface creates the effect of cleaner richer water colours giving brighter light reflection.
Standard pool surfaces manufactured using ?off white? or ?ivory? cement do not produce the brightness, clarity and intensity obtainable when blending pebbles, aggregates or colour oxides with ?pure white? Aalborg White cement.

Also many pool surfaces manufactured using ?off white? or ?ivory? cements appear hazy, dull or washed out. Pool surfaces and coatings manufactured using ?pure white? Aalborg Whitecement have little or no loss of colour intensity, leading to a much cleaner, brighter and colour rich surface.

Aalborg White cement has been used in the construction of swimming pools in Australia for many years. It is proven as an integral ingredient in quality pool interiors adding strength while ensuring long term retention of colour brilliance for many years to come.
Insist on quality pool coatings manufactured using Aalborg White cement.