Pre casters

Aalborg General Purpose White Cement can be ready-mixed or batched in almost any colour. This can be utilised in the manufacture of various pre-cast products and is ideal because of it?s high early strength achievement characteristics.

Pre-cast panels for buildings or tilt up slabs made with Aalborg White cement should be chosen when a particularly light or bright coloured surface is desired. Most natural stone surfaces can be emulated using pure white in pre-cast.

Like in-situ cast concrete pre-cast is made of a specially cast concrete. The concrete mix is treated and cast into moulds. When the pre-cast element is set, it is brought to the construction site and mounted or raised.

Aalborg General Purpose Portland White Cement is also utilised by other pre-cast industries as the desired concrete mix used to manufacture statues, fountains, planter pots and other types of concrete artistry. These industries insist on Aalborg White cement for its aesthetic pure white finish and high early strength.