RenderWhite is a blended cement based rendering compound manufactured to demanding specifications from the highest quality materials. It requires only the addition of clean water and is suitable for application to brick, block or concrete surfaces.

RenderWhite meets the demands required by professional trades people and the standards engaged using state-of-the-art building methods.

RenderWhite is composed of a blend of pure white Portland Cement, specially graded silica sand and limestone. Performance of the product is enhanced through the addition of various chemical additives to improve the application, adhesion & water repellent properties of the material.

RenderWhite is produced under strictly controlled factory conditions where consistent quality is maintained during manufacture.

RenderWhite Saves Time ? as a premixed product it is quicker to apply than standard cement render. The ease of application reduces wasted labour time.

RenderWhite Saves Cost ? it has a ?pure white? finish that can save on extra painting. The surface can either be sealed or painted over depending on the individual project, without the need for extra undercoats.