Aalborg White cement is used in the manufacture of various products which require a premium grade, high early strength pure white cement. Tile grouts and adhesives are widely manufactured throughout Australia by manufacturers who want to meet only the highest standard with their products.

Coloured render is used as a more durable and aesthetically attractive alternative to a painted surface. Render manufacturers utilise the strength and durability of Aalborg White cement in the production of quality render finishes. Apart from a more natural looking surface, maintenance costs are reduced due to the high durability of render manufactured with Aalborg White cement.

Building blocks are also manufactured using Aalborg Whitecement for the base colour which gives a brighter finish in coloured and white blocks and bricks.

Light coloured roof tiles manufactured using Aalborg Whitecement as the base ingredient gives a natural brighter finish and reduces inside temperatures due to the pure white cement?s reflective nature. This also greatly reduces costs of air-conditioning and cooling systems by less absorption of heat.
Terrazzo tiles are manufactured in many colours and designs.
The colour of the aggregates is of major importance.
Using Aalborg White gives you the possibility of having the true colour of the finish you desire.

Paving stones or pavers manufactured with Aalborg Whitecement have a lighter surface and brighter colours when pigments are used. Alternatively, various coloured aggregates can be used, with the colours giving a much cleaner efect.